Mah-Jong Social Group

Majong Social Group Website Samford District Bowls Club  Mah-jong Social Group. The Samford District Bowls Club members have started a Mah-jong social group. A small group of our members are playing social Mah-jong on Wednesday & Friday afternoons at the Samford Bowls Club. Cost $5.00 per session. They meet at 1.00pm and are happy for […]

“VILLAGE PUMP” Articles 15, 29 October 2021

Samford Bowls “Village Pump Articles” 15th and 29th October 2021  “Ladies Division 2 Saturday Pennant team unfortunately lost to Ferny Grove this year. Ferny Grove have some of the best players in our Brisbane District so we were pleased to reach the final.” See full articles below:-

“VILLAGE PUMP” 20th August 2021

Samford Bowls “Village Pump Articles” 20th August 2021  Like most clubs the Samford Bowls Club relies on its members to help in the management of the day to day running of the club. In October of 2017 we ran a “come and try” day and among the members of the public that came along was […]

“VILLAGE PUMP” Articles 23 July and 6th August 2021

Samford Bowls “Village Pump Articles” 23rd July and 6th August 2021  Tuesday afternoon bowls is a group of bowlers who enjoy a game played in a competitive but friendly atmosphere. Teams are selected by a blind draw. This generates much anticipation to see who will play with who and against whom. This is a chance […]

“VILLAGE PUMP” Articles 11 June – 9th July 2021

Samford Bowls “Village Pump Articles” 11th June – 9th July 2021  Pennant season is here again; Pennants are a district competition for the game of fours. (4 players) The Samford men have a team consisting of 12 players (3 groups of 4 players) playing in Division 2. See full articles below:-  

Men’s 2021 Novices Champion Results.

Men’s 2021 Novices Competition Final.   Hi Everyone Just want to advise thatSaturday’s final of the Men’s Novice Singles was won by Graham Smith over a valiant David Adams. The game was played in extremely trying conditions and both players should be proud of the quality of bowls they played, given the strength of wind. […]

2021 Pennants Season

Hooray, get the flags out  “Pennants Season” starts in July!!  This year we have only managed to raise one men’s team (2nd Division).  At last, we have some newbies in the team giving us hope for a pennant flag this year. Yes lads, roll up your sleeves and roll those bowls and punish the jack […]

“VILLAGE PUMP” Article 28 May 2021

Samford Bowls “Village Pump Article” 28 May 2021  Welcome to New Members, Margerite Ungerer, Andrew McNeill, Bradley O’Neill, Robert Easley and Kirk Morrison. It is always encouraging when new members come along and we can see how they progress from those first nervous deliveries to becoming a more confident bowler.  We encourage our new members […]

“VILLAGE PUMP” Article 30 April 2021

Samford Bowls “Village Pump Article” 30 April 2021  Pink Sports Day 24th April. This afternoon event is to support BCNA (Brest Cancer Nurses Association). In remembrance of the fortitude and courage of past and present members who have endured cancer, the club planted a Backhousia Citriodora (Lemon Scented Myrtle) at the entrance to the club […]

Men’s 2021 Champion of Champion Results.

Men’s 2021 Champion Of Champions Results. We are only in April and yet we have had two finals of the Champion of Champions events for 2021 completed, and the winners were!! – See full article below:-