Quick quiz

Quick Quiz

The jack is that little white ball that everyone wants to get their bowl next to – sometimes called a kitty, a jack and a dolly!

When playing bowls, the bias refers to the smaller circle in the inside of the bowl. If the wrong bias is said to have been played, this means that the small circle has been on the outside rather than the inside and the skip will not be happy.

If a bowl is played with too much width (I.E. too much grass or should it be carpet!!), it has a tendency to hang out and not come back.

 It is removed from play unless it has touched the Jack.A bowl that hits the jack when it has been delivered it is marked with chalk to indicate that it is a toucher. A toucher is the only bowl that remains in play if it goes into the ditch.

Ditches are what surrounds the greens

The bowl was played with too much weight. A heavy bowl refers to the weight in which it (the bowl) was played. A heavy can also be known as a pint of ale!!

Listen to your skip or you will be in trouble -joking of course

If the jack is knocked into the ditch (at the back of the rink, not at the side), then the game can still be played. If the bowl that hit the jack also lands in the ditch, it is left there and is still “live”, and can be counted if near to the jack at the end of the end.


The idea for the movie came from real life bowler Griff Sanders from Torquay who was banned for 10 years in 1998 for inappropriate dress, swearing, and obscene language towards an official. This ban was overturned on appeal a year later.

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